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How it feels to be little


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So I came across a wonderful topic in caregiver cafe called, 'How it feels to be big,' and I thought I'd start up one of my own. And yes I want the input, thoughts and feelings of every little!


I love that every day, every night you take out time to talk to me. Whether it's about my day, a new movie I watched or just something fleeting in the moment. Every minute spent with you, is a minute of utmost bliss that can't be replaced.


I love that the sound of your voice, your touch, the feeling of your breath on my neck leaves me energized enough to tackle a day filled with boring, big girl problems.


I love that all my problems are almost non-existent when we talk. All my anxieties, fear, insecurities, laid to rest. Daddy can handle all the troubles. No bogeyman can ever touch me.


I love being your good girl. Listening to everything you say and knowing that whatever you say is for my good. Always to help me. Except when you say tickles aren’t a punishment. They most definitely are, Mister.


I love being taught by you. I love it when you tell me stories of Napoléon and Josephine and how they conquered the world together. I love when you teach me how to pronounce big, big words. I love it when you go on endless rants about Russia, Mars and countless other things! That twinkle in your eye as you're talking, is the world to me.


I love the experiences we share together. Sure, it's fun talking to my stuffies and discussing their problems. It’s even better to sit in my favourite dress and color! But nothing is quite like telling you why my stuffies scratched each other. Sending you pictures of drawings I made of us. Every 'little' moment is a cherished memory.


I love that you show your weakness to me. I need to know you're okay. I need to know we're okay. And everytime you bare yourself to me, we're better than okay. We're moving ahead. We're getting to know each other bit by bit.


I love making love to you. I love the way you feel against my skin. Rough, filled with power. And yet ever so gentle with babygirl. I love giving up myself for you. Not just a small part, but myself entirely. Yours. Completely yours to use the way you see fit. I love that despite that you treat me with the utmost care. Always attentive to my needs, and never ignoring your own. Uniting us with the strongest bond possible. Maybe even the strangest. A dance of our souls, together forever.


I love protecting you. Protecting you from all the monsters of your head. Daddy is big. Daddy is strong. But even the strongest and biggest of Daddies need a little help. A guiding hand. I love that I can be that for you.


I love that no matter what happens, nothing will tear us apart. I know whatever the problem, no matter how scary, you'll always be right my side. Always there to help me. My Prince in Shining Armor. No, even better. My king. My north star. My constant source of support.



What I've written is quite specific for my Daddy but I'd really love to see what other littles have to say

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How it feels to be little:


I love learning things from you. I love every story you tell. I love the way they shape me to see the world in a totally new way. I like knowing that I don't have to be the smartest or the wisest. I can look to you when I feel naive and unsure.


I love your strength. I love the way your hand feels heavy on my hip or arm or neck. I love the way your eyes sparkle almost when you watch me. You see my full self and you find me cute, sexy, beautiful.


I love that I need you. I can't imagine my life without you. You're a steady voice encouraging me that I can be big when I need to be. When I'm afraid of the world you're my stronghold.


I love that you need me. I want to slip my hand in yours and kiss your cheek to remind you that your good and strong and smart. I love pouring my energy out, my affection so it washed over you.


I love making love with you. It reminds me I'm truly yours. You own this body. It's yours to do with as you wish. My collar, my ring and even my stuffed lion remind me that I'm yours forever. I love the way your energy changes me and how mine changes you. I love the power I feel when I'm with you.


I love that you make me laugh and that I'm your buddy. You're my best friend and I only want to see you have very happiness in this life. I love that we talk for hours and you always listen to me. You correct and instruct me but you never make me feel unintelligent or undervalued. You respect my feelings and help me express them even when I feel like they make no sense.


You're my whole world but you already know that. I just wanted everyone else to know.

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