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Read the forum , met people learn about ddlg by reading the forum and talking to people. Find out your likes and dislikes and then look for a daddy
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Guest Wolfsbabylove

The best advice I can give is to get a fetlife account and use the forums and fetlife as a educational tool.Sit back and observe,read the posts and figure out what you like and dont like before you start looking for a Daddy.

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I was quite lucky that I could go on tinder and find... a fair share. My partner is a natural caregiver so I introduced him to the scene. 

Like the others have said before me, don't go diving in head first, okay?

That's how people get hurt and we don't want that.

Take your time as a new little, read blogs, join the chatroom, if you have any questions, search/ask the forum, make new friends, discuss, learn everything you need to know.

It's important to discover what kind of little you are/want to be, what you want from a DDLG relationship, what kind of daddy you want.


And remember,

You don't have to have a daddy to be a little.

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