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Hi everyone c:


http://orig11.deviantart.net/cacc/f/2012/042/4/9/hello_kitty_bow_emote_by_hello_kitty_hugs-d4pevu3.gifI've recently become obsessed with baking & decorating cute things! Me and daddy made Hello Kitty cupcakes together. Daddy did the hot oven work and I did all the decorating and mixing.


Here's what they looked like;




Super cuteeee~ I want to make macarons next :D

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Oh my God *n* Ari you´re full of talents, the cupcake looks so tasty and pretty OqO. I absolutely love the icing´s color !. 

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Thank you Kissingkitten and MeneerM, wish I could give one to everyone xD


and you are too sweet Bett ;3; the two toned icing was hard to do!

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