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Guest sippykitty

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Guest sippykitty

Hi all,


As you know I love my community and love spreading positivity about ddlg. I am new to this site and am loving it already! I have made some friends whom have been so kind and welcoming towards me. Today i was having a conversation and i was asked about kitten play as pet play is one of my main interests. I thought i would share my thoughts on how i think pet play links in closley with ddlg<3


Depending on your preferences there are many forms of pet play that can suit you such as: the type of animal you are and whether it is sexual or non sexual as pet play is and isn't a fetish for some people. I'm really into kitten play and wolf play, I love animals with my whole heart and through pet play I get to live my life long dream of always wanting to be an animal. To me pet play is fun, interactive, an escape and relaxing just like little space is. I feel like pet play is very related to ddlg as if you're doing pet play with a partner then you need just as a strong connection and trust bond with them due to the fact you'll be acting like an animal so its the same as acting little if that makes any sense.


My point is pet play and ddlg in my view are about opening up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable and exposed to your partner or a friend but knowing your going to be respected and cared for. I think pet play and also abdl are branches of ddlg in my opinion:) Also one of the great things about pet play that I find is that just like little space you can do it alone or with friends and not always with a partner. I often pet play during little space or just dress with kitty ears and a tail as my everyday outfit.


If you have any questions about pet play or sites on where to purchase kitten gear ect feel free to ask:)


Thank you<3 Stay happy and positive!



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Yep, pets are completely cared for and so are littles so it's totally awesome when they go together! :)
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I've always joked about being the husky pup in chat, and the more I joked the more I realized it wasn't really all that much of a joke. I'm realizing that Pet Play (PP) may be something I am interested in. And here recently I am slowly starting to understand why (for me) it fits so well.


For me, and what little I have explored in this area (emphasis on the little amount), I seem to like PP for 2 reasons:


1. I love animals more than anything else on this planet and when I see a puppy it literally triggers me into a specific head space - I get all happy and excited and basically little. But it is more than that, most time I can't even form full sentences because I am almost overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness that are puppies. I get this way with a ton of animals, but puppies really are that "trigger" that leaves me in a frantically happy mess. I love it. And I think it is the undiluted happiness of puppies that transfer to my kinship with the prospect of PP - something (puppies) make me THIS happy, I fall naturally into the idea of constantly being around one (me).


2. When I am actually little, I tend to be even more shy than normal. Normally I can suppress my shy side because I am so opinionated (hah) and social. From the bit that I have read, I realized the PP can be perfect for me because typically the person relating to the pet doesn't talk. But rather speaks with body language and what not. And THAT appeals to me on such a deep level. I naturally read the body of a person and I talk a lot with my body language, so to couple that with my shyness... I feel like this is the most opportune moment to be *me.* Its a way to receive affection without me worrying if I'm saying the right thing or even having to worry about conversation at all - especially after a hard day or a day with my aches and pains. Daddy gets to give me affection (petting my hair, cuddling, etc) while I get to give him affection without giving me more anxiety.


Like I have mentioned, I have not done a ton of research of PP and I know it can be seen as overly sexualized and a kink. Maybe I will get into that side one day, but right now, from what little I know, I just reaaaaaally like the thought of the security it can provide. A way to get a type of affection I always knew I needed, but never realized it was an actual thing. 


Now if I could just not be nervous about exploring it more.... heh...  :wacko:

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Guest sippykitty

I completely understand and can relate to both your two reasons! There is no need to feel nervous about exploring PP its meant to be fun but I was exactly the same when I was first getting into it especially wearing kitten gear in public where I got constant guys meowing at me and making pussy jokes... as you can imagine.


Mixing pet play and little space is so great and if you feel you need to take it slow that is totally fine:)


Ever want to chat or want to know places that sell PP gear I can help out big time!


By the way dearie no need to do research on PP just do what feels right and fun to you<3


Have a good day.

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