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ddlg/pet related questions


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Hi!  *glitter*  *glitter* 

I'm new to all this universe, and as i'm a bit confused and curious I'd like to ask some questions if that is okay ^-^

Right, I've seen there's a lot of possibilites..And I've mainly heard about Little/Daddy things, and also about the pet things

where most of the time there's an owner or 'master' (it seems like this possibility is more related to sex?..From what I have

seen on the internet) 

So, I would like to know if I can identify as a kitten, a pet, without claiming any sexual side? And if it's possible to have a

kitty side and a little side..(like a bit of both if I am clear aw?)

* I apologize, I tried my best to explain as English isn't my native tongue ^_^ *

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Guest infinitecases

It's perfectly fine to have both a kitten and little side. You can be whatever you want whenever you want :) 


Many littles and kittens do not have sexual sides and hence, there are also many relationships which do not engage in those aspects of the relationships because that's not how it is for them when they are in that specific headspace. 


Having an owner/master/dom is not always necessarily sexual I don't think. I have seen many threads on here about daddys and littles who don't participate in sexual activities but enjoy ddlg because of the intimacy etc. 

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It's perfectly normal to have multiple sides, my partner has about 5 or so. And its up to you how comfortable you are being non-sexual or sexual in each of those. There's no "twue way" to do any of this as long as it's consensual, communicated, and done as safely as possible (being risk aware).

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