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How do I introduce ddlg to my boyfriend?


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I'm Lilu. I need help introducing my boyfriend of almost 3 years into the ddlg community. He has already expressed his opinion about the community. He feels it's mildly  like pedophilia and incest. I don't know how to tell him I am a little or to ask him to partake in this with me. He has previously said that he can somewhat understand the appeal and has compared our relationship to that of a ddlg relationship. Help??

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Helo Lilu and welcome~


Well, first you should clear out those negative thoughts he has so he can make up his mind if he would be interested in giving it a try. Because if he was willing to give it a try with that sort of mentality it would just be disaster (even if he likes it, because it would mean he is actually ok with pedo and inc!!!).


Since your relationship is a bit like the lifestyle already, I would advice you to not use labels or terms for now and keep doing what you guys like. Can you share what kind of things you guys do that makes you feel happy and little? is there something you would like to do that don't do yet?


Please keep in mind some caregivers are never really comfortable with the term daddy and you should respect that. I for example, am a native spanish speaker and would never call my Daddy "papi" because that is how I call my father and it's a big turn off, however I am ok to use it in english even though it's a direct translation! the word is not really associated with my father in my mind if that makes sense. Some caregivers prefer an alternative title like "Sir" or a nickname. I would wait on the title until he was more informed and he decides what he would be comfortable with.

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I would agree to not use labels or terms, it can really scare off some people. Perhaps you could try to gradually make him do more things to you that a daddy/caregiver would do for their little? 

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