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Little in Hospital


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My little just found out that she has to get surgery and she's very scared. We've known that something like this was going to happen but we weren't too sure of how soon. I'm 3 hours away from where she is right now and I can't do much to help her since she doesn't have any service where she is. I fear for the aftermath of this surgery, especially since it will be on her stomach and will leave some pretty big scars. I don't want her to get anxious over that and I don't know what to do or say.
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Guest Mittens

Accept her, scars aren't a problem. If you love a person you can get past it, if you aren't the one with those problems, then comfort her, console her, make sure she knows that you will be there every step of the way. Make sure you pamper her and baby her and love her unconditionally, as love should be. Always do everything you can! Even call her hospital and ask for her name to talk with her.. They will bring phones in, I know I've had ithappen to me. when I was in the hospital. You can call her and check up on her and have the staff give her a message ect. Just be creative, even if she doesn't have service, spam  her.. so when she has service again she can feel safe secure and loved and not ignored. that she knows you cared and thought of her, and try to give her things to make her smile and cheer her up and take her mind off the surgery and just make silly faces or be silly. Don't be so worried or stressed, or at least don't show it, because it can cause her to be worried and stressed too.  That's all the advice I can give sorry

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Mittens, thank you. I'm not worried about her scars. I just hope they won't cause her any anxiety. I appreciate it. I called her a couple hours ago and she started feeling a bit better. If she's still in the hospital by time I can get there, I'll go visit her. Thanks again:)
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