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How do I tell my boyfriend?


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I've been dating my boyfriend for a year now. I told him straight away about my dom/sub kink in the bedroom cause I've always known I've been into it and I'm comfortable with it. I call him Daddy and he calls be Princess, but its really only when we're having sex. I'm just now noticing things I do that are in line with littlespace, like watch Disney movies and cartoons, color in coloring books, always swooning over stuffies in stores and cuddle with mine at home. I also notice I talk in a baby voice a lot, even in my head, when I'm stressed or anxious. I want to explore it more and I would like to have rules and have my boyfriend be my caretaker. I've always struggled with having a routine for myself like brushing my teeth before bed and going to bed at a decent time and feeding myself. I think having him be my caretaker would help a lot. I'm scared of telling him though. I don't know if he'll understand or want to do it, which I could live with, but I really don't want to weird him out. Any advice?

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Guest ~*~Sachita~*~

Hello, welcome to the forum!  If you are already in to little things, and your boyfriend knows this about you, chances are he won't freak out unless he has heard some negative stuff before.  For that reason, I would stay away from labels.  Instead of saying, "I want you to be my Daddy Dom" try something like "I would like some help with setting up more structure in my life."  Guys like being presented with a problem, solving it, and moving on to the next thing.


One of these topics might have the idea you are looking for:

How To Tell My Husband?

Have You Ever Told Anyone?

How Did You Introduce DDlg Into Your Relationship?

Did You Come Out As A Little?


Good luck!

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Well me and my little girl went through the same thing with me being the one who's interested in it. Eventually i approached her with the idea and she loved it. But i noticed even when we were vanilla she had the same little tendencies that you described. So ask yourself. Is he a dominant outside the bedroom aswell? Does he naturally try to take care of you?
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Hey there! Let me tell you, this sounds pretty much almost identical to my situation.


Mine differs slightly with the length of the relationship (I've been seeing this guy for almost 4 years and are engaged) but I don't think that part really matters. When I told my Daddy that I was interested (for pretty much the same reasons you are) in having a DD/lg relationship if was pretty much obvious for him. He was accepting, and understanding, and didn't even have to think twice about it.


For me my age regression isn't so much a kink (Totally okay if yours is) as it is a coping mechanism for anxiety/depressions but we are completely able to distinguish the Daddy kink I have, and the caregiver role that he takes on for the rest of the time. 


While not in little space (My little space is exclusively for anxiety atm) he gives me a morning, and nightly routine to follow, and also a basic set of rules. I get rewarded or punished depending on how I follow them. They generally help me keep the house clean, take care of myself, and keep me busy if I'm struggling with a bad depression day. 


It's made our relationship better for it, and I thin you should go for it (:



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