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Ways to expess im in little space?


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Hello im Halloween

Im a little human pet

So i do come with a little pet space

In my little space im normally 0- 9 months

Somehow im having a horrible time finding a owner/ daddy

Just wanting to know how do other pets explain to there owners when they want to be in little space and when not

This is a big thought on my mind because it can put a hinge in my comfortably with a partner if they prefer my little human to my little pet

( things ive noticed in little pet space)

I like to bump my head against things

I crawl around way more

I nibble on toys much more

I ask for treats more

I whine more

I potty ( have accidents more)

I do not TALK but i will write i dont like to be asked to speak when in little pet space

I hide things

I am playful

I LOVE THESE QUALITIES ABOUT MYSELF BUT SOME PEOPLE HAVE CALLED ME A BRAT do they seem bratty to anyone responses and pm welcome!!!

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