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Daddy Instagrams *Without* Littles

Guest depth_of_field_ddlg

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Guest depth_of_field_ddlg

I see so many tumblr's/instagram accounts with single little's, but the only Daddy accounts I find already have some kind of little, and rarely post OC that isn't of their little. They're mysterious, rarely show their faces, and are basically an extension of the little's account.


What kind of content would littles (or other daddies) like to see from "daddy" Instagrams? Is having a little necessary, or would texts posts and pictures with advice be desirable? I see so many lists, but they're made by little's for other littles, not daddies for littles or other daddies. It's a shame; I think daddies/cgs should be more visible on tumblr/instagram, more active...rather than hide in comments sections.


What do you think?

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 I see so many lists, but they're made by little's for other littles, not daddies for littles or other daddies.

What do you think?


I've heard of it, of course, but have no idea of what instagram is - so if my two cents worth makes no cents sense, that would be why.  And with that...


Lists by daddy's for other daddy's.  CHECK!

Lists by daddy's for littles.  CHECK!

Lists by littles for other littles.  CHECK!

Lists by littles for daddy's.  Missing in action.



I might even figure out what an instagram is ( ;) ) to read a 'List by littles for daddy's'. If nothing else, it would give a more revealing glimpse into the littles personality than 95% of all personal ads.

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Will be a ramble/messed up answer here as I can't write straight when being tired. Lol


Im trying to figure out what a Daddy could post on a social media such as instagram that is only pictures.

I personally rarely give photos a second glance if it's only text. But thats just me perhaps!


But coming back to the thought of what a Daddy could post that doesn't involve having a little of their own... is hard!

I mean, littles have so much to post about, especially in pictures. Clothing, accessories, events, furniture and so on.


I do suppose a singel Daddy could do the same! I just don't know if it would attract a big audience? I mean. Caregivers doesn't have so much gear to display as littles do.

Mainly cause it feels like, I may be wrong, but it feels like cg/l is more focused on the little aspect and everything involving that, therefore it makes it hard to make an Instagram mainly for single Daddies.


But I do like this idea though!

I did know a single Daddy once that posted pictures of a lot of the things he made. He got a huge response on The nursery he built that would be for his future little. And also other gears he made for his future little. But that was about it.

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A Daddy Instagram or Tumblr would be nice. I have run across a few on Tumblr, sadly their pages closed with the new changes. I hesitate to suggest this first bit... Daddies with and without littles have a questions and answers post every few days. Some were really helpful Daddy advice others were, shall we say distasteful.


You could post little rules you find pics of. I do like written text of conversations back and forth between a little and CG! Those are always fun and put me into little space.


Posting suggestions pics of Daddyish stuff. My favorite pic is of a man with glitter in his beard. Some daddy may find that appealing. Random stuff you might come across that reminds you of ddlg and saying why. I sad that I don't know of too many daddies that like to talk to each other on a regular. More community interaction between caregivers would be cool. Have a discpline and rewards and rules sharing posting day that is shared. Somethings about how to tame a brat or awesome places to take a little whether she/he is in little space or not.

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Although it has been said by some that Dadas do not have a headspace like little space, posting Dada triggers would be really cool! I'm sure you could post even more by incorporating your own personality, likes and dislikes. Edited by Baby_squee
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It's an interesting question. From my perspective- I only really feel particularly 'Daddyish' when in the context of interaction with a Little. This is definitely a head-space for me: seeing little things or behaviour definitely tug on my caregiver heartstrings. If I'm by myself, I'd have other go-to interests / kinks first.


Still, there's plenty of pictures that *could* be posted focusing on the CG rather than the Little - and it's true that I don't say many of these online. From my perspective- I'd be interested to hear what sort of content from a would-be Daddy would littles want to see? 


As for blogs by Daddies for Daddies, there are a few good ones here and there. A nice example with some well-thought out writings for Daddies to consider is mistersbeard.



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