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  • Caregiver or dom?

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    #1 Guest_DaddyisaNerd_*

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    Posted 06 November 2019 - 12:24 PM

    I'm not sure where I belong in the community. I definitely consider myself a caregiver and love being called daddy. Though the BDSM side of things isn't really something I'm hugely into.
    I'll still set punishments for my little but nothing crazy extreme.
    Are there others like this? Daddy's, and mummy's too, who like being a caregiver but not a dom?
    If so what sort of things brought you into the community?

    #2 Guest_QueenJellybean_*

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    Posted 06 November 2019 - 12:57 PM

    there are a lot of types of caregivers out there, and being a "daddy dom" is only one type. 

    i find that the majority of folks in this community on the caregiver end of things tend to be folks who are either:
    a.) turned on by the dynamic in some way, 
    b.) find themselves craving a nurturing, pure relationship. 

    ... or both. 


    you'll find all sorts here, but you certainly aren't alone. 


    check out the Caregiver Cafe, specifically the pinned topics (Healthy Caregiving, and Advice for New Daddies) 


    #3 LittleTeacup


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    Posted 06 November 2019 - 08:18 PM

    I'm a little, but I want more of a caregiver than a dom. Being little is just who I am, and I want a partner who understands this and loves me for it. But I don't want a whole list of rules and punishments, or spankings, or anything harsh. Just a lot of cuddles. ^_^


    I do have some submissive tendencies, but more on the soft gentle side anyway. Giving me directions, and I get rewarded when I follow them :heart: Stuff like that. Maybe a few rules geared towards my health and wellbeing, but love and help if I don't manage to complete them.


    You definitely belong!

    Big age: 30

    Little age: 5-7


    Children don't worry what they look like to others. They are 100% themselves. When we get older, we learn to fit in society by submerging those parts of ourselves that our culture looks down on. We don't want to be rejected by our parents. We don't want to be rejected by our peers. Growing up may include re-embracing ourselves even if we must stand alone.


    Thank you for being here as I re-embrace the Self I'm meant to be.


    (Note: I'm not looking for a caregiver right now. Please don't ask.)

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