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Unable To Get Into Little Space (Female, 19, UK)


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So I don't know if I am a little or not. I have never been in little space and I have googled it and looked into things that can make you enter little space. I have tried sitting watching cartoons with some stuffies and dummy but I felt no different. I tried sucking on a dummy and cuddling my teddy in bed and I felt nothing. I tried colouring with my dummy in and I felt no different. I have also never been in little space before, so I don't know what it feel like,


Does this mean that I am not a little? I do not feel like I am a mummy or a care giver because I don't think I could hold that responsibility. 


Do any little have any advice about this topic? :)



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Not all littles have little space and that's perfectly fine! You could possibly be an age player, vs someone who age regresses.

It could be maybe you haven't found the thing that makes you feel little space yet.

I say go with the flow and relax.

You do not need little space to be a "real" little . You are little if you feel you are little. Age players are just as much littles as littles with little space / age regression.

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Hello Emilyjwalker123, 


Little space is such a delicate balance of confidence and your sense of safety and security. If you do not allow yourself to feel the emotions related to it you won’t ever be able to reach it and if you never feel safe no secure it will also be difficult.


To start, I always remind subs and littles that this space is about them and their choice and what makes them feel best. You need to be inter prospective and even more importantly, receptive. You may realize a specific activity helps you but if you don't allow yourself that then it won’t help. 


Next your going to have to experiment a bit. Find activities, shows, or locations that start to make you feel those sensations and work to combine them all together until you achieve what you think is little space. As I mentioned, its all about you and no one else, no one can tell you what it looks like to you hence why their are adult baby’s, littles, middles, brats, punks, and so many more. Sometimes searching the different types of littles might help you get a sense of where to start at the least. 


Finally, there is the option you are not a little per say. That does not mean that you have to be a caretaker though. You simply can enjoy aspects of this lifestyle more on the sidelines and perhaps that might only be until you feel moe comfortable with yourself, your feelings, and the community as a whole. 


Give yourself time and remember that their are many ways in which your interest express themselves, this is simply another one of those. 


Best of luck! Don’t forget you have an entire community of people willing to help you!

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Since you are very new to this there is still plenty of time to find something that triggers little space for you. Not everyone slips into it very easily, in fact many littles struggle with it especially by themselves. In the meantime, continue to educate yourself on the lifestyle and when you are ready maybe a Caregiver, especially an experienced one, can help you slip into little space. Also it might help to do little activities with other littles. There's lots of DDlg discord servers posted in this forum if you want to make friends!

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