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Walmart !


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….. *waves* 

Hey KLUB KIDZ , more clothing options for everyone ! 

I hate going to Walmart , it’s always like a sardine can in that store and I just hate the store in general. It’s an anxiety attack and a half every time I’m forced to go there…


I’ve found that they always have cute pajama sets that are definitely more kid themed. The last time I was there , they had pajama sets themed after :

Scooby do , SpongeBob , Crayola , Care Bears , My Little Pony , Batman , Superman , a full Nickelodeon character spread set and a shit ton more ! 

I ended up getting the Crayola set , this is what it looks like




I got this set a while ago , and due to some personal issues I’ve dropped a considerable about of weight since buying this set. For sizing reference , I’m five foot three and 128 pounds right now. This set is in a size medium and the shorts are falling off of me. Walmart clothes definitely run their sizes a little bigger so just keep that in mind when buying clothes from there ! I always try to size down. 

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