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Trying new things !


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Hey everyone ! *waves*Β 

I’ve been trying to be more expressive with my make up and show my personality through the art of eye shadows , hehehe that sounds so weird for me to say 😬 It’s been really fun nonetheless !Β 

I’ve been trying to think of how to match my eye shadows and make up to my outfits , sometimes it looks like shit and I feel like a dweeb all day… then there are days like today where I feel like a cool anime character !Β 

I wore my new devils advocate shirt , and it has flames and the daily challenge colors on it so I decided to try to do flames / fire with my eyeshadow. This is what I came up with !Β 


The other side looks the same ! I feel pretty nifty today , it would be really cool to see what other people do with their eyeshadows.Β 

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