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new relationship..? help :(


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Personally my DD/lg relationship evolved out of a more typical Dom/sub relationship. It started with us talking about sex, and me saying I enjoyed being more submissive, and eventually I asked if he was ever interested in BDSM or being a Dom.

We started with that, then the question came up of what should I call him as my Dom? I didn't really like "Sir," or "Mr." but at first I was too shy to ask what he thought about "Daddy." It came up eventually and turned out we both liked it but were too shy to say. Our DD/lg relationship then evolved from there.


If he's naturally already more dominant during sex I'd say ask him about BDSM, then transition to DD/lg. But I don't know, that's just what worked for me. If he's the "right" guy he'll be accepting of the things you're into. :)

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