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Looking for advice from fellow littles ♡


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Hello cuties, firstly i'm new to this site (& ddlg in general) so i'm not sure if i have posted this in the correct place or forum section.


my name is Imogen, i'm nineteen and i am from England & i am beginning to experience ddlg for the first time, long distance as i have met someone online (but i won't go into detail on that right now as that isn't my worry) So.. I have always been the quiet, shy girl throughout my years & in 2013 i was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety (amongst other things) I have always struggled with my self confidence/esteem since I was young but it seems to have spiralled out of control. I barely was able to make friends let alone find a boyfriend... I discovered ddlg quite a while ago now & have always felt that it would be my ideal relationship to be in and it just makes me feel all giddy and I have researched into it so much. So for a while now I would browse different ddlg dating kinda websites and thingies like fetlife, but they always intimidated me and scared me (I know you probably think I am stupid) So a couple of days ago I was browsing omegle on the 'text' option and with the ddlg interest tag. I was just curious to meet people with the same interest and stuff. But I began talking to a guy (I won't go into detail about him hehe but he is three years older than me) and he was so genuine and kind (I do understand the bad fakes on the internet and me being so inexperienced and all, but I am careful don't worry) and then we later began talking through a free messaging app as we wanted to talk easier. 

For the past few days we have talked non-stop & we know what each other looks like, and I felt comfortable talking and he is very understanding about my 'issues'. I know some of you may raise some eyebrows but I have began to call him daddy after we played this game thingie which he loves and he calls me cute names (It just feels right and it makes me feel all tingly in my tummy) But after a long night and full day of speaking I felt this pain of worry in my tummy and I wanted to cry, I felt so overwhelmed and out of my depth that I just wanted to turn my phone off and hide. But after I cried and time passed I felt better and felt like talking again. I have been searching on anxiety forums thinking this is the reason for my feelings. I just wanted to express how I feel inside and my worries. I feel like I am being silly and stupid ):


I was wondering if anybody else feels like this or has any problems similar. Or I would just like to hear your experiences and suggestions, maybe?

and also if you have read all of this; thank you ever so much!!! it means a lot for you to take the time to listen to me!!

Have a super cute day everyone. 

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