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Do you have a blankie or special stuffie?


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When I was young I had a stuffed animal instead of a blankie. Her name was Bently. She was a black and white cat that my aunt got me in Vegas. I had her up until I was in sophomore year. Then my sister got rid of her with some of her other stuffed animals. I'm still upset about it. Ive been searching ever since to find one like her. A while back I found a cat just like her at a yard sale... she was probably mine... But I didn't get her because she had a big coffee stain on her and I was with my ex and his parents and didn't have any money. I really regret not going back and getting her... Like to the point where it makes me tear up to think about. WELL I JUST FOUND HER. AFTER ABOUT FIVE YEARS OF SEARCHING I FOUND MY BENTLY!!  I've been searching so hard. I found her because the shape is something I distinctly remember and I saw a picture of an orange cat with her shape. SUPER SLEUTH! 



SO! My question is : Do YOU have a special stuffie? Or blanket even? And do you still have it? 




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