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Perfect Snow Day with Daddy

Guest Andrew10

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Guest Andrew10

What would you describe as your perfect snow day with your little, even if your a Daddy without a little like me I would like to hear what you would plan.


Ideally our day would go something like this:


  • I wake up around 10:30 or so with her head laying on my chest, sound asleep 
  • I lay there for about 15min or so before I gently stroker her cheek and watch as she flutters her big eyes awake
  • I help her through her morning routine  
  • We make our way to the kitchen where I make her favorite breakfast and present it to her with chocolate milk in a sippy 
  • For the next few hours we just cuddle on the couch and watch her favorite movies
  • After we wake up and have a snack, I dresser to go play outside
  • We have snow ball fights (she always wins), make snow men, and snow angles
  • After we take a special bubble bath together 
  • Depending on the mood we'll even have some special play time, and Daddy will giver her special kisses (always ending in aftercare)
  • As the day has come to an end, I fall asleep the same way I woke up, telling her she is the most special and amazing little princess ever, and that I will lover her for ever.

It may be corny but I had a fun time thinking of all the things me and Daddy's little kitten could get into on a nice snow day. I did forget to mention hot chocolate and watching a burning fireplace video on youtube haha

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