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Im very new to this and slightly worried. my daddy , sir or boyfriend how ever you want to describe him is a lot more in to this than I am ... I mean he knows more and has don more its always been something ive wanted to do and loved the thought of but im worried about doing the wrong thing.

has any one got any tips .

many thanks

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Guest weeniehutjr

A big part of this whole thing is if you do the wrong thing, then he should be more than accepting and willing to help you to do the right things. It's all about care, assistance, love and understanding. I wouldn't worry about a thing.

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the only rule is that nothing should happen unless there is communication. you cannot just go about it without any guidance. it is terrible that you resorted to this instead of talking with him and asking questions to educate yourself. You gotta ask him and learn about this. your ddlg relationship can't be defined by anything but you and your partner, because every relationship is different. the only people who I believe should not engage in this kind of thing are people who do not have open communication with their partners. seriously, you must talk to him and have him guide you and walk you through what this lifestyle is like, and set boundaries for yourselves. if they are not clear, you have a problem. make sure everyone involved is clear and safe. talking with him is really the only thing that will make you secure. you should never engage in bdsm if you feel uncomfortable or insecure, because communication should clear all that up. i don't mean to sound castigating, but "not being sure what to do" can be fixed by an open, direct line of communication between partners. 

<3 <3 good luck and best wishes!

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