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Scared because of my past.

Guest thatgirltea

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Guest thatgirltea
So I had daddy in November until January of this year. Everything was going well it was a long distance thing so we tried to talk a lot. We had our ups and downs but he was there for me but then he suddenly changed and was pressuring me and didn't make sure I was ok after punishment. He stopped taking care of me and that made sad and I was in a bad mood most of the time, which led to some punishments. He just kept pressuring me to take pictures for him and I was absolutely fine with taking face pictures but he wanted more, all I wanted to do was please my daddy so I took them....it got worse after that he would get mad for no reason and punish me by making me take pictures.... I tried talking to him about why he was acting like that and he just ignored me every time I asked and I wanted out of our relationship. After I told him that he became upset and kept saying I was cheating on him, which I wasn't. He was so mad that he exposed me on some website and gave away my kik its what we used to talk. The next thing that happened was some random guy messaged me and was all like is this you and it was a picture of me. I immediately broke down and I asked him how many pictures were there of me and there were 5 I think..... I told the guy thanks for telling me then he wanted pictures and I told him no but he kept pressuring me saying he'll post them on another website....After that I deleted all my social media and to this day I still hate taking pictures and I'm scared some random person will walk up and say I've saw you before.
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Wow. I feel your pain. There are no excuses for such blatant disregard for the consideration of another you say you care for.


You know there are laws against vengeance posting of naked pictures? I'd send him a nice little message and politely demand they come off. Save the communication and tell him if not, then you will file a police report and then go to the FBI (if it's cross state lines)


Edit:if it's by text take screen shots of the conversation. Remove his name so the number shows in the images. There you have proof of your demand of removal.

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What you have experienced is an abusive relationship. My advice to you would be to do some work on yourself, what you expect from a relationship, and what your boundaries are. A wonderful book is "living with the dominator" and it will talk a lot about warning signs of abuse.


My ex partner was terribly abusive, and he posted revenge porn of me. Videos of us having sex, tons of photos of me naked, all over the Internet. It was one of the many things we dealt with in court and he has been court ordered to delete and remove everything, which he did. It's a horrible thing to go through and I totally share your pain. If you want to message me at all then feel free.

I promise it will get better <3

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I just want to say that I am really sorry he took advantage of you like that. That's awful and terrible and you did nothing wrong. I definitely think you should seek some kind of legal action, but I can understand if you just want it to go away. I hope you can heal from this and move on. <3

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