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I like this one. It's just for littles. :3


  1. When did you realize you had Little tendencies? How/When did you find the community? How long have you been active in the community?
  2. Do you regress or identify as any age in Little space? If so what. Do you identify as a Little, Middle or ABDL or none? If you have an age do you consider it ageplay?
  3. Is paraphernalia important to your Little? If so, name the items.
  4. What does being a Little mean to you?
  5. What triggers you into Little space? Do you stay in Little space for long or is it all too fleeting?
  6. What community do you identify as belonging to? Big/little, Cgl, DDlg/DDlb, MDlb/MDlg? If none of those tell which you identify with. Why do you identify with that community over the others?
  7. Do you have/want a Cg? What does having a Cg mean to you?
  8. Do you have a Little blog? If so what do you use it for? (networking, self expression or to attract a partner)
  9. Define what a SFW Little blog is to you. Can a SFW blog show panties/bras? Can it talk about sexual matters or talk about kink? Can kink paraphernalia be visible? What do you define a SFW Little blog as?
  10. Crayons or Color pencils? Why?
  11. Are your favorite anythings different in Big/Little space? If so what.
  12. Any Little space fandoms? If not, what’s your favorite program/movie in Little space?
  13. Have you told anyone outside the kink community about your Little side? If so, who and how did they react.
  14. Favorite Little space activity? Least favorite?
  15. If you could meet anyone in the community who would it be and why?
  16. Littles are made out of _______________. Fill in the blank.
  17. Name 5 of your favorite things while in Little space-your partner(s) cant be one of them.
  18. Favorite cartoon from Nick, Cartoon Network and Disney. Do you have a favorite anime? If so, what anime?
  19.  Have you ever participated in your local Little community? If so tell us about your first community event. If you havent, say why you haven’t participated in local events.
  20. Do you feel like your Little side has it’s own name? If so what is it?
  21. Do you believe Littles should be held fully accountable for how they behave in Little space or should they be excused to some degree for their behavior?
  22. Favorite food in Little space? Is it different than Big space?
  23. Favorite book in Little space? Why is it your favorite?
  24. Name 3 songs that make you feel Little.
  25. How do you handle the grumps/sads/negative emotions while in Little space?
  26. How would you define the Little lifestyle?
  27. Describe your ideal day as a Little.
  28. If you suspected a new friend in your life to be a Little, how would you go about finding out?
  29. Top 3 Little blogs you would recommend to any new Little.
  30. Best piece of advice you’ve received since entering the community? Who gave it to you?
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Is it possible to substitute a Mommy for DD?  I don't have one yet but was just wondering??

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