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Tips from caregivers and experienced littles?


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Hello sweet caregivers! I'm a taken little and I wanted to ask if any of you would have any tips on punishments, rules etc I could do both on my AND with my mommy. My mommy is very inexperienced in ddlg and she's not into too baby-ish things like diapers and binkies, but she does let me suck her thumb etc. Any ideas to expand our ddlg relationship?
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Guest QueenJellybean

These are pretty common requests, and can be found all over our site! Be sure to check and see if your question has been answered already, and I'll provide some links to great resources here:








Good luck!

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Apart from what's said above... Both punishments and rules should be personalized. And this may seem like something you didn't know already, but it's always good to point it out :3


Like for e.g some people spankings is not an option while for others it can be a good punishment. To me just regular spankings may be good but honestly if my CG puts in lecturing during the spanking it will be more effective on me personally.


So with that said, some punishments or rules can be put together and give a combination that works better than just having two separate things. what really must be done then is the exploring :3 hopefully you will find some ideas in the links above

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