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Advice for a new Little?


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My favorite things to do as a Little vary depending on how small I actually feel. When I am feeling middle, I like to sculpt clay, make jewelry, study plants outside, learn new things, play video games, and sing. When I am feeling quite small, I enjoy finger painting, snuggling stuffed animals, coloring, playing make believe with my dino toys, playing pretend, playing with slime (like flarp), and playing with play doh. This isn't a complete list, but hopefully there are fun suggestions for you. As for what to wear, the things that make me feel smallest are fuzzy socks, knee socks, onesie pajamas, footie pajamas, slippers, oversized sweaters, and hoodies. When I still feel small but more middle, I like to wear my hair in pigtails and wear things like leggings with a skirt, lacy underwear, panty hose, frilly dresses, sparkles (on anything), and converse sneakers. 


When it comes to rules, I like having two sets. Intimate rules and every day rules. The more intimate rules do not have to be limited to sexual things, but for more personal things that don't always come up. Examples are like: Make eye contact when Daddy/Mommy grabs your face or Say "Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am/Yes Sir, No Sir". Every day rules, however, are things like: Brush your teeth in the morning and at night, Turn the tv off when it isn't being watched, or Rinse your dishes in the sink before putting them down. Personally, I think a DDlg relationship relies on both types of rules, but to each their own. Some people prefer one or the other, some people have none. My favorite rules are every day rules because they become routine. Things like: Put dirty laundry in the hamper, Throw the garbage in the bin, Brush your hair three times a day, Make up the bed... Speaking of bed, it is very common to put a bed time in place, and if you can abide by that, it is wonderful. That one just doesn't work with me lol 


I don't have much for you when it comes to introducing this concept to someone, but I can say this: being honest and being yourself will make life a thousand times easier.

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✾ little things to do 

 Whatever makes you feel little and happy. Examples: watching cartoons, coloring, games (online or board games).


✾ what to wear 

Whatever makes you feel little and happy. Examples: pink, super girly dresses, pony tails, cute pj's


✾ what makes you feel little 

 It's different for everyone but it would be safe to say to feel safe and loved by your CG is a big one, perhaps doing playful stuff too.

✾ rules to have 

Rules should be given by your daddy but if you don't have one and are looking for one... definitely don't give the Daddy title too soon, they should earn it, just like your heart. You could start a list of soft limits and hard limits, it will come handy later on.

✾ introducing it to a partner, if i even should? 

It's a matter of timing for this one, even the most perfect daddy out there might not like the sound of it if he is still under the impression this is something super disturbingly creepy. Start by making sure he understands the terms, why some people need this and what it is to you.

✾ anything that’s important to know ^~^

There is no right or wrong way to do this, you have to find someone who will match well with your style.


Always respect yourself an others. Just like a daddy shouldn't try to push you to do something you are not comfortable with you should not try to push the role onto anyone. Some daddies are comfortable with everything in the lifestyle except for the title and prefer to be called Sir or something else.

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