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    Out of dd/lg for 2 years... help?

    falling out ddlg little littles daddy

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    Posted 08 September 2018 - 04:59 PM

    Hey everyone!


    So.. This is the first time I have been on this site in over a couple of years. Craziness. 


    I started my account in the hopes of becoming more immersed in the community, as my SO/daddy was a long-haul truck driver that was away most of the time. It was a great way to keep busy and fight off loneliness.  However as time went on, my interest in ddlg just kinda faded. 


    I started school full-time last year and my SO switched to another job where he was home every night. We moved into our own little house and I no longer had to worry about people hearing the details of our lifestyle. I thought that because he was home every night and that we had complete privacy that our dd/lg relationship would flourish, when it actually fizzled. 


    Now, I barely call him Daddy any more (really only when we're cuddling and going to sleep), and I don't find the terminology sexy or endearing as I used to. I am just disappointed that now that I have everything I wanted when I was heavily immersed in the lifestyle, I'm no longer that interested in it. Maybe it has to do with me being so busy with school...


    My question is, has anything similar happened to you? Did you have a falling out of the lifestyle and find a way to return to it? 






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    #2 littleblueskyee


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    Posted 08 September 2018 - 05:25 PM

    well i did have a falling out of the lifestyle, yeah. way back like..2-3 years ago i believe. he was my first daddy. to me personally, not a very good one. way too sexual and somewhat abusive to me (i dont wanna go into it) and after that i was sorta..apprehensive of getting back into it.


    what brought me back though was meeting someone even better and he became my daddy. he's a lot more respectful and respects when i say no and respects my boundaries and stuff like that.


    im sorry i cant be of more help though :(


    Skye, little age 3, big age 21! They/Them or he/him pronouns please. Taken by my wonderful daddy~

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    Little Illy

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    Posted 08 September 2018 - 06:52 PM

    Daddy and I have had our moments where DDlg isn't even an option. We have had it because it difficult over LDR, because it fizzled out a bit, because something massive happened to both of us, because I moved over and was hella stressed about moving to another country, when I couldn't because I was too worried about finding a job...


    The thing about DDlg (or CG/L) you need to remember is that Life will always rear its ugly head up at some point, and it is MORE THAN okay to put a pin cushion in your DDlg aspect of the relationship. This is why I always, always stress finding a compatible partner because no matter how much of a Total Power Exchange a person may have, no matter if they are living the 24/7 lifestyle... Life will, at some point, knock on the door and halt the dynamic. Family emergencies, work stress, social issues, etc. Everything can easily stop a dynamic in its tracks because thee are negative forces. And negative forces overshadow even those things that comfort us.


    So my best recommendation is to try to mend your relationship with your SO as much as possible.  There is obviously something going on with him to not want to participate in this dynamic, just like you, so you two need to sit together as partners and figure out why you aren't in sync. What always helped Daddy and I, was the fact we knew we were best friends/partners first and Daddy/Little second. That allowed us to shed the dynamic when it helped, and pick it back up when everything is okay. This is what I recommend.

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    Posted 09 September 2018 - 04:39 PM


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    Posted 19 September 2018 - 02:22 AM

    yeah huh! it happened to me just this year, i had lots to deal with like school fees and taking up multiple jobs that i repressed everything and put those responsibilities first and a few days ago, i was having a hard time with some things and i just sort of regressed into "i wish i had someone to come take care of everything" headspace. it hit me that i've been neglecting this side of my life and well me, because i don't have a caregiver anymore and i wanted to still have this. so i looked around on the internet and found this forum and it wasn't until last night that i had the courage to sign up for this.


    i'm still not fully able to regress back to that headspace yet and it'll probably take me a while too. but i feel you on this situation! but this forum helps a lot? reading about ddlg stories or like reading some accounts by the other cute littles here helps me settle a little into the headspace. (before i signed up) i'm still wavering off and on as of now but talking to people here help with it too! i hope what helps me will help you too! maybe activities that used to help you get into the headspace can help a little? 


    i hope you find the answer that you were looking for though! 


    stitch loves you and so do i! 

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