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Guest Aetherr

i see a few red flags here


1. failure to uphold commitments

2.lack of communication

3. you are walking on emotional eggshells



at this point i would be deciding if its worth continuing, if you cannot talk because of the above then that is a core fundamental part of a relationships that has collapsed and no matter how he feels about himself if he is unwilling to hear you out and adjust his behavior that speaks to me as someone who is not interested in making you happy


the cold honesty i have here is you need to fdind a way to tell him to "get a grip" in the nicest possible way

one way to look at it is are you getting what you need and do you think his life is better for you in it. if you answer no to either then figure out if you two can fix it.. if not move on honestly this wont change until you tell him what is going on and if he cannot pull his head out of his butt long enough to listen then you deserve better.

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