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Daddy Feeling like a Little


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Earlier this year, I was introduced to DDLG by my current little and I started off identifying as a submissive. As our relationship got more intense I started identifying as a female dominant. (Please nkte that my little is also female.) I've recently been feeling more like a switch leaning towards submissive. I told her about this and she got upset because she uses being little as a coping method and doesn't want to lose that. I told her that I could try being dom for her but she doesn't want me to be soemtjing that I'm not, even though she's uncomfortable with me being a switch. It's causing both if us lots of anxiety and stress. We're in a very commited relationship and don't want to end things over this. I want to identify as a dom but I don't know if I'll ever be dominant enough to do so.
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I'm a little and I have a mummy. I know all little's are different but maybe you should both try and please each other. If it is just in the bedroom, maybe pleasure each other at the same time. She doesn't have to get rid of her little space nor be dominant. My mummy and I always please each other at the same time eg. she touches my lower princess parts and I touch her boobies or vice versa. I hope this helped in any way!

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You shouldn't force yourself to be something that you're not. By all means I encourage trying new things but forcing yourself to do something will most likely always end badly. But, you identified the fact that you are a switch - or at least that's what I got from that. Perhaps, if you both are okay with it and agree to it you two could have platonic caregivers - that way you both have someone whom you can express your little side with. If you're not comfortable with that idea that's completely fine though.


Also, I would like to note that being a little doesn't necessarily require a caregiver. This means that if your partner uses littlespace to cope they (might) not even need a caregiver for the act of coping. Don't allow yourself to be forced into a role you're not comfortable with, though. 


Also, I don't believe there is such a thing as 'dominant enough' to be a dom(me). You either are or you aren't or you're somewhere in between. This means dom(me)s come in all shapes and sizes, all different personalities and quirks - all different levels of dominance. You have strict dom(me)s, sweet dom(me)s, somewhere-in-the-middle dom(me)s; don't be put off by how you think a dom(me) should act.

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