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How to introduce the ddlg lifestyle to my bf?


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First of all, he doesnt know this lifestyle but he does really make me feel like a little. Sometimes when we are watching a scary movie and a sexy scene comes on screen he covers my eyes and says I am not allowed to see. He also calls me good girl and he pats my forehead when I do something he approves of (eating veggies). He sometimes jokes about punishing me too when I am a bad girl.


I already wore kitten gear around him and he likes it.


However one day he stumbled across a ddlg post on instagram feed thing..and I asked him what it meant and he said terrible things.

He also thinks it's weird to be called daddy or sir (which i called him once)


Im kind of hesitant/nervous about telling him..he might think it's weird. Should i at all even tell him or would it hurt our relationship?

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I think only you can really judge the effect it could potentially have. We don't know what things he said, or if he said them because he was uncomfortable and didn't understand or if he was genuinely against it. 


Perhaps you just need to talk to him about it and gauge his response as you go. He might not want to be called Daddy or Sir, but there are lots of other names out there too. Some people feel better with other titles, or without one altogether. It's a personal thing and not something you can change. https://www.ddlgforum.com/topic/17009-alternative-names-to-daddy/

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Guest Appacheian
Think about how you see the future. How important will it be to you to have the freedom to be little? How often? With a partner? The signs don’t look good with your boyfriend after his response to the DDLG post. Do you plan on staying with him all your life and suppress your little side if necessary? Many of us live double lives. And the luckiest get to be their true selves whenever they want to.
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